I-601 Hardship Waiver Appointments for Interviews in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Immigrant visa applicants seeking to file an application for waiver of inadmissibility (Form I-601) with the USCIS field office in Ciudad Juarez can now use the Teletech Call Center to make an appointment. The changeover from the pilot InfoPass program is a result of USCIS and the Department of State teaming together to improve customer service through more timely appointment scheduling.

The Teletech Call Center located in Mexico is the same system currently used by the Department of State for scheduling nonimmigrant visa interview appointments at U.S. Consulates in Mexico. Customers will pay a small fee to use the Teletech Call Center. Customers have the option of either calling direct, using a credit card or purchasing a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access the system and make an appointment.

Appointments made through the call center must be scheduled at least three business days after the date of an immigrant visa interview. Customers may schedule appointments using the numbers listed below.

Direct Calls
Mexico: 01-900-849-49-49 (12 pesos/min)
U.S.: (900) 476-1212 ($1.25/min)

Credit Card Calls
Mexico: 01-477-788-70-70 (57.50 pesos/call)
U.S.: (800) 919-1754 ($7.00/call)

Personal Identification Number (PIN) Calls
Banamex Bank Purchase: ($10.00 USD)
Phone Purchase: 01-800-112-25-00 (24 hours for PIN activation)