Parks' board settles harassment lawsuit, Chicago Tribune, May 12, 2005

Chicago Park District officials agreed to settle a four-plaintiff sexual harassment suit against them by paying $240,000.  Although the settlement was approved, a spokeswoman for the park district says they are not admitting to any wrongdoing.  They have also said that the accused no longer works for the district.  Uche Asonye filed the suit for his four-plaintiffs in November 2002 after inappropriate touching and lewd comments had occurred from the late 1990s into 2001.  In addition to this, two of the four women were retaliated against after rejecting his advances. 

Class Action Settlement

Our law firm represented the multiple Plaintiffs  in a sexual harassment case, and we requested class action status.  The case ultimately settled as a class action on behalf of all current and former female employees who worked at manufacturing plant between January 1, 1995 and December 31, 2001.  The settlement also included all female workers sent by temporary agencies that worked there for any 20 consecutive workdays between January 1, 1998 and December 31, 2001.

National Employment Lawyers Association, Illinois Chapter 11, March 2000

The Honorable Judge  rebuked the attorneys for the Insurance Company for filing a motion for summary judgment in a race discrimination brought by Uche Asonye. Plaintiff v. Insurance Complany Health Plan, Inc.

Before defendant filed the motion, Asonye had asked the judge to allow the parties to make submissions to chambers to determine whether a summary judgment motion was appropriate. After reviewing the material, the judge advised defendant against filing the motion, but defendant did so anyway.

The motion was so “ill-considered” and filled with “self-hypnosis” with respect to the evidence, the judge stated, that sanctions against the defendant’s counsel might be warranted-even if the case went to trial and plaintiff lost.